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Our Story

Black Frog Brewery Creates Hand-Crafted Micro Brews Designed For Taste, Smoothness, and Quality

Chris Brewing
Each of our beer recipes uses only the finest hops, wheat, barley, and other ingredients to combine for a fine tasting brew. The smoothness of each swallow is unsurpassed.

To experience the quality for yourself click on the “Frog Finder ” and hop on over to one of the locations to find yourself a pint.

Press Mentions

Blazing Trails with a Microbrewery

When Chris Harris received a Mr. Beer kit as a gift, he was excited to start a new hobby. He never imagined it would lead to him becoming an entrepreneur. Yet today the Toledo native is blazing a trail as one of the only African American brewers of craft beer in the country.
“Once I started making beer it became my passion,” explains Harris. “There’s an old adage that says time flies when you’re havingBlack Frog Brew Owner fun. That applies to me when I’m making beer. I just really, really love it.”

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First Minority Owned Brewery to Open in Toledo

We talked at length about the importance of his status as a minority entering the world of craft beer. His minority status is in part the foundation of his Brewery’s name – Black Frog. At one point in our conversation, Chris Harris turned the interview tables on me and said “Let me ask YOU – Why do you think I named my company Black Frog?” I sort of sheepishly and nervously answered “Well, Toledo is the Black Swamp….we are called Frog Town…and…well….you’re black…” We all shared a laugh and he excitedly confirmed my hypothesis. He wanted to integrate all of the local culture and history of Toledo with his minority status in an attempt to create an all-encompassing company – which I thought was was a great homage to both the city and his identity. You will notice on the Black Frog Brewery logo that there are honey bees in addition to the frog. Another interesting twist to make Black Frog Brewery unique is that every recipe (Chris Harris emphasized ‘EVERY’) will integrate honey! That is sure to be a sweet spin on his brews!

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